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Our efficient, communicative and professional services are designed to help you externalize time-consuming research, stay on top of competitive activity in your field, and make the most informed business decisions. We adapt each project to fit your needs and research questions individually, providing clear and concise intelligence and saving you hundreds of hours in R&D.

Systematic Literature Review

Systematic Literature Review

Literature reviews focus on what’s known in your industry. Using systematic intelligence gathering and statistical data analysis, we compile comprehensive reports that assemble the best available scientific evidence to answer your questions.

If you need a better understanding of a product’s safety or efficacy, Biochromex will screen relevant research, extracting data and performing meta-analyses that assess risk or performance. If you’re seeking new applications for a cutting-edge technology, we’ll meticulously search the scientific literature in your industry so you can shortlist viable development targets. Whatever research you require, we’ll connect you to the best information.

Market Analysis

Market Analysis

Identifying your target market and understanding your competitive environment is key when developing a new technology. Our market analyses enable clients to define a clear strategy for entering and quickly rising to the top of their industry, as well as identifying and securing promising commercial partnerships.

By combining market research with scientific analysis, Biochromex identifies the leading innovators—and innovations—in your industry. We compile supporting data for the technologies your competitors are developing, and we dive deep into what companies or research groups are achieving in your trade. We curate a comprehensive list of companies operating in your field, and we accompany that assessment with targeted company profiles, product details, scientific research and commercial recommendations.

I.P. Landscape

I.P. Landscape

Intellectual property is an important consideration when developing new products and technologies. Our comprehensive I.P. landscapes systematically search international and regional patent databases to help clients identify existing or upcoming gaps in innovation that could benefit their business and protect their competitive edge. We assemble, prioritize and analyze the technical content of relevant patents, and we use that information to highlight opportunities for our clients.

Legislative Roadmap

Legislative Roadmap

Biochromex’s legislative roadmaps clarify the existing legislation in our clients’ fields and map out specific elements that may be subject to change in coming years. These analyses enable our clients to target the most favorable territories for the launch of their products, and they help our clients adapt to changes in their existing jurisdictions.

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Our PhD-and MBA-level experts specialize in gathering the intelligence you need to guide strategic business decisions.


We take complete responsibility for our projects and save you months in literature review, research and data analysis.


Discretion is key. Our clients have complete ownership over the assets we compile, and the insights and knowledge we amass stay in-house.

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Our clients comprise a rapidly growing network of Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, venture capital firms, and startups, and we’ve worked to adapt our research strategies to approach the needs and business questions of our clients on an individual basis. Whatever your timeline and need, we will customize our process to deliver what you require on time.

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