Our mission is to improve global quality of life by helping to innovate better products and policy

Biochromex helps decision-makers in the public and private sector create a better future for their stakeholders using the best available evidence. We believe that innovation and technology hold the key to increasing standards of health, comfort and happiness in societies, and that good innovation begins with good information. With our multidisciplinary team of scientists, we provide our clients with independent recommendations for the development of their products or policies derived from the best available evidence.

Meet the team

Our international team of top life science consultants bring global expertise to a client base spanning four continents. Our consultants have been trained by world renowned researchers at the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Berkley—to name a few—and our team members’ specialize in fields spanning neuroscience, chemistry, public health, and more.

Putting the best available science at your fingertips

World-class expertise

We provide world-class expertise across a variety of disciplines to help our clients uncover the best available evidence.

Real-world impact

We aim to catalyse the conversion of expertise and evidence into actions and change that have beneficial real-world impact.

Life science consulting

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