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We provide life science expertise and strategic consulting services to the pharmaceutical, healthcare and consumer goods sectors. Our team of PhD and MBA-level experts will advance your projects, connect you to competitive intelligence, and work with you to make the best possible products.

We’re an extension of your team.

If your existing R&D team is in need of our experts, we'll deliver the analyses you require in strict confidentiality, reducing development time and costs. And if you don't have a lineup of life scientists in-house, we'll give you access to targeted scientific intelligence and transparent commercial recommendations. In short, we compile the best and most reliable information, and we present it to you in a custom-designed way that's catered to your research questions.

Systematic Literature Review

We’ll assemble all the knowledge that’s relevant to your research and develop comprehensive reports on what is known in your industry—from safety assessments, to efficacy evaluation and consumer studies.

Market Analysis

We’ll scientifically assess your target market and go deep into the latest research, product development and innovation, combining market research and scientific methods to identify potential opportunities and disruptors in your industry.

I.P. Landscape

If your R&D entails intellectual property, we’ll search international and regional patent databases to compile relevant analyses of existing patents, white spaces in innovation and opportunities for new product development.

Legislative Roadmap

We’ll clarify the existing legislation in your industry and advise if changing tides in targeted jurisdictions affect your product’s development, launch or use.

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